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I accept the Policy Detail and note the limitations and exclusions, including cancellation caused by pre-existing medical conditions. I am authorised to purchase travel insurance on behalf of the persons in this application. Jetstar acts for AIG and AIG Australia Limited as a distributor of their products and may provide information relating to your Jetstar booking to AIG. Jetstar does not provide any recommendations or advice about insurance. Consider your specific circumstances before purchasing any cover.

AIG Insurance New Zealand Limited underwrites this insurance and has an A(Strong) insurer financial strength rating given by Standard and Poor's (Australia) Pty Ltd. The rating scale in summary form is: AAA Extremely Strong, AA Very Strong, A Strong, BBB Good, BB Marginal, B Weak, CCC Very Weak, CC Extremely Weak, SD Selective Default, D Default, R Regulatory Supervision, NR Not Rated. The rating from 'AA' to 'CCC' may be modified by the addition of a plus or minus sign to show relative standings within the major rating categories. A full description of the rating scale is available on Standard and Poor's(Australia) Pty Ltd's website.

This policy does not provide cover for travellers with Pre-existing Medical Condition(s).

Please read the COVID-19 Travel Alert before proceeding and click “Confirm and Pay” to complete your purchase.

I confirm that I have read and understand the Travel Alert at the link above and that certain coverages will not apply due to COVID - 19.

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